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What they say is true…never get involved with someone you work with.


David Edelman was an arrogant prick. At least that’s what Claire Stevens thought. She didn’t have many enemies but if she were forced to make a list, he would certainly be at the top of it. So, when she walked into her new job and saw him standing there, she’d been two seconds away from turning tail and running. But she needed the job and she never backed away from a challenge.


Claire Stevens was a stuck-up brat. He couldn’t believe that out of all the people in the city, she was the one hired to be his new assistant. The woman who drove him crazy. It was campaign season and this election was the one he and Clay had been working toward. He couldn’t allow his frustrating and maddeningly gorgeous assistant to distract him.


But then one night, that all changed.


It was just supposed to be a no-strings-attached, never-to-be-repeated-again kind of night. They weren’t supposed to actually feel anything. They weren’t supposed to remember how each other felt. And they sure as hell weren’t supposed to want to do it again.


But they did.


And they denied it, they fought it. But after a while, it wasn’t enough. They knew they were going to have to face up to their feelings. They were going to have to stop fighting and give in. Which wasn’t going to be easy. For Stubborn Hearts, it never was.


Everyone who knew Felicity Paxton knew she was sweet, smart, and adorably shy. She had also never had much luck in the love department, mainly because she was way too naïve when it came to men. She knew she was too trustful and she’d gotten burned for it in the past. So, when she develops a crush on her incredibly attractive millionaire client, she tries to remind herself to let her head do her thinking for her instead of her heart.


Gabe Wexler knew there was something beneath the layer of shyness that his sexy interior designer projected. Underneath it he knew she was wild—a tigress—wrapped up in a scrumptious little blonde package. As a result of his botched marriage, he now kept his heart under lock and key and because of his daughter, he was much more careful about giving it away again. So, when little Miss Paxton entered the picture, he knew immediately that he shouldn’t pursue anything with her at the risk of being trampled on all over again.


Despite their hesitations, the more time they spend together, the weaker their willpower to control the mounting lust between them becomes. She’s intimidated by him but he knows she can rise to his challenge, making their connection that much more tempting. But as she spends more time with his daughter and starts to see the man inside the mansion, she realizes that her crush may have developed into something more. And he’s no more surprised than she is when he, too, realizes what he’s feeling could be Unexpected Love

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