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​They say love is supposed to set you free…but what if it destroys you first?
Beauty. Wealth. Perfection.
That was what the country saw when they looked at Gwen McKindry.
Loneliness. Heartache. Emptiness.
That was what Gwen saw when she looked in the mirror.

For Gwen, life had never been about making her own choices. Growing up in the world of politics was all about appearances and playing roles. She had been groomed her whole life to be the perfect all-American girl that everyone expected her to be. And she was. She had played her role well her entire life.

That was, until him…

Clay Masterson was a determined man with one mission: to become the Mayor of Washington, D.C. He may lead a somewhat lonely life but he was too busy establishing his career to entangle himself in relationships. For now, he had a loving family and great friends. He would get to the whole wife and kids thing later, when he actually had the time and motivation to find the right woman.

That was, until her…

Like Gwen, Clay also knew what it was like to live in the public eye. He was the only person who had ever seen through her fake smiles, who could penetrate her defenses, and he tore through them in a whirlwind of forbidden emotions and reckless declarations. He stirred feelings inside her that she never thought she could feel. But they came at a price…

Giving into their attraction could ruin them both and would be the most dangerous role of all.

He was her freedom. She was his destruction. How much were they willing to sacrifice for what neither of them could deny? Was it worth risking everything for?


There’s no going back now...

You can't always control who you fall for. Gwen McKindry and Clay Masterson know that better than anyone. From the moment they met, lust had ignited and passion had flared, stirring emotions inside them that neither could explain. They tried to fight their feelings and resist temptation, but their attraction was too strong. The connection that kept pulling them towards each other was too powerful. Their chemistry was undeniable and their desires eventually won out…and took control of them.

But Gwen and Clay are playing with fire. The whole city is watching. Every touch, every kiss, is another opportunity for someone to discover them. One wrong move could rip them apart. One damning headline could destroy everything they care about. If it means being together, though, they are willing to take the risk. But are their feelings strong enough to withstand everything and everyone that separates them? Or will the strain of their own inner turmoil and the pressures of responsibility destroy them first? And how long before all their lies catch up with them?

After all, secrets never stay hidden for long...



Will love conquer all?


With election night looming closer, Gwen McKindry and Clay Masterson’s future together is within their grasp. The whole city is watching and they still can’t afford to slip up, but they refuse to let anything keep them apart anymore. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel…and they can’t reach it fast enough.


Or will it condemn all?


Despite Gwen and Clay’s fortitude, they’ll soon discover that others know about their relationship and are doing everything in their power to destroy their love. Clay will protect Gwen at all costs and Gwen is determined to make all of Clay’s dreams come true. If they can just avoid psycho ex-fiancés, controlling mothers, and the press, they can finally have their happily ever after.


But will their faith in each other be enough to withstand everyone working against them?


Or will their life together be over before it even has a chance to begin?

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