#FashionFuel WINE Wednesday

Much like mustard, the color we covered a couple of weeks ago, wine is another key Fall color to have in your wardrobe. It’s just as versatile as mustard, maybe even more so! Wine is such a rich, deep, pretty color that can be incorporated into almost every aspect of your outfit, even your lipstick!💄Hats, over-the-knee socks, boots, scarves, everything!! Pluuuus, if you happen to be drinking a glass of red wine and spill some on yourself, it just blends right in!! Win-win, right?? 🍷😂


✔️ Wear it as a stand-out piece

✔️ Mix it with neutrals and earth tones (and black!)

✔️ Get out of your comfort zone with it and experiment!


❌ Mix it with other jewel tones. Unlike mustard, wine does not work in an outfit with a lot of other jewel tones. This color needs to stand out and be the star of the show!

❌ Overdo it! If you’re wearing a great wine sweater or top, it’s probably not a good idea to go with wine lipstick or a wine hat. When you’re wearing a stand-out color like this, never put too much of it in one area. Spread it out a little! If you’re set on wearing that wine lipstick because you just went to Sephora and want to show off that kick-ass new color, try some wine pants or wine boots!!

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