#FashionFuel Whoever said COMFORTABLE can't be FASHIONABLE??

Leggings, spandex, boyfriend jeans, yoga pants, workout pants, cotton dresses/skirts, sweatpants, wide-leg pants, crew neck sweatshirts... This is one trend I guess we should be grateful for, right? Lounge around clothes becoming almost high fashion? Thank you, millennials. 😂 But really, joggers and cinched/cuffed leg sweatpants have been gracing the runways, of all places. You might actually see those sweatshirts you only wear around the house on store window mannequins these days, particularly those popular 90s brands. No joke, that's some vintage FILA in the far right picture---thanks for the hand-me-down, Mom!! 😘 In summation, it's "in" to be comfortable now. 🙌


✔️ Contrast fits. If you're wearing an oversize, loose sweatshirt on top, pair it with some snug leggings on bottom.

✔️ Make the outfit pop by adding some color to it. If you can't tell, my color theme for this outfit cluster is red. 😍


❌ Try to dress up too-casual pieces. I absolutely HATE the heels with sweatpants trend.🤢 IMP, this never looks good and crosses the line into ridiculous. Make up your mind between casual and dressy with your outfit and stick to it!!

❌ Forget what year it is. Some comfy trends from back in the day are back in, yes. But it depends on what day we're talking about. For example, just because you wore calf-length leggings with ballet flats years ago does NOT mean this look has come back...or ever will again.

What are YOUR favorite comfortable looks right now?? Tell me below!!

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