#FashionFuel Let's talk HATS...

The right hat can be that finishing touch you need to complete your well-put-together outfit. The cherry on the sundae 🍨. And as with most trends, the right hat has to be the perfect blend of match and contrast. It needs to stand out, yet mesh with the color tones of your outfit. Are you one of those who thinks you can never pull off hats? Don't worry, there's good news! There are TONS of shapes out there--fedora, cloche, floppy, messenger, ball cap, bowler, beret, boater, it goes on and on!!--so there is bound to be one that suits you and your style! Me? I'm obsessed with my wide-brim fedora!! <3 Just don't be afraid to step outside your box a little and experiment with different looks. You'll never know if one works for you or even what you like if you don't try! 😉


✔️ Find the right shape for your head and one that suits your

personal style. For example, I KNOW I can't pull off

cloche. As much as I've tried, it's just sadly never going to


✔️ Find one that blends and contrasts with your outfit at the

same time.


❌ Force a shape that's just not working for you.

❌ Cross looks (e.g. don't wear a summery straw hat with a

chunky fall sweater).

Do YOU have a favorite hat??? Tell me or show me below!! I want to see!!

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