#FashionFuel Trend Alert!! 80s Power Shoulders are BACK!!

I swear, I’ve been advocating my entire adult life for the return of this look. For whatever reason, I’ve always loved it, and power shoulders officially made their reappearance on the runways this year!! Yaaayyyy!!! 😁🥳Designers like Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are currently promoting a wide-shouldered, slim-waist silhouette, and I’m STOKED. I know a lot of people hate this look—especially my ladies out there who experienced the first go-around with it back in the 80s—but just give it a try!! Your tastes may have changed over the years, you never know. ;)


✔️ Keep it feminine. Wear something light underneath the blazer, such as satin, lace, or maybe a silk cami. This helps soften the look so it’s not too harsh or masculine. You can also go feminine on the bottom (note my skirt!) or choose form-fitted pants.

✔️ Mix textures. If your blazer/jacket is tweed, for instance, try liquid leggings on bottom, a cotton undershirt, or that silk or satin cami, as stated above. It’s all about contrast so the look doesn’t become too overpowering!


❌ Take it too far! For the love of all things holy, don’t go crazy and wear a cut that looks as if you’re wearing Shaquille O'Neal's jacket from the Big & Tall store. Stay with shoulder pads that are just slightly larger than your actual size.

❌ Get too chunky with it. This is where I think the 80s version of the look got it wrong and turned a lot of women off. You don’t have to look like a stuffed turkey by wearing tons of layers, turtlenecks, or thick sweaters underneath power shoulders. Tread with caution if you do go this route because this look can go so wrong SO fast.

What do YOU think of power shoulders?? Love? Hate? Indifferent? Tell me below!!!

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