#FashionFuel Trend Alert!! Capes vs. Ponchos?

Ponchos have certainly made their comeback over the last several years. Now, according to Elle Magazine, capes were all over the runways this year and are all the rage this fall season!! So, what exactly is the difference between a cape and a poncho? It might not be as obvious as you think because some capes are designed very similarly to its cousin, the poncho. Breakdown: ponchos are more of a square shape and do not have an opening in the front. Capes, on the other hand, are more circular and do have an opening in the front. Sometimes that opening consists of a series of buttons, and sometimes it’s just a fastening at the neck. Either way, go rock a cape and be a trendsetter!!!


✔️ Layer underneath! If you’re planning on taking off the cape at some point, ensure that what you’re wearing underneath works with the cape as well as its own outfit.

✔️ Make the cape work for your shape. A cape might take away from your shape a little on top, so make sure you contrast that with your bottoms. This will help bring the whole look together!

✔️ Keep it simple. A cape is its own statement piece. Don’t go crazy with the rest of your look.


❌ Create a billowy look. A cape or poncho look can go all wrong when whatever you’re wearing on your lower half isn’t form-fitted enough. Don’t be a bag lady!!

❌ Throw in a bunch of other statement pieces. The cape can stand on its own!

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