#FashionFuel Over the moon for OVER THE KNEE

Do you ever feel like you need to spice up your fall wardrobe? Feel like you seem to wear the same sweater/jeans/boots combo over and over again every season? Then I suggest trying some over-the-knee (OTK) looks!! OTK boots and socks are a great option for mixing things up with all those fall layers. Socks, in particular, serve as another piece that can add more texture and color to your outfit. And yes, shorter gals can pull this look off, too! It's not just for those taller and/or long-legged ladies out there! In fact, OTK can make your legs appear longer and more slender (even if they're on the short side)! Try OTK with short skirts, long sweaters and tunics, rompers, with sheer tights, or over some skinny jeans!! Be sure to check out my OTK Pinterest page at https://bit.ly/31F4Syi for some helpful ideas to creating the hottest fall OTK outfits!!


✔️ Contrast the color of your OTK socks with your boots. It's more impactful and makes more of a statement if your socks are not the same color as your boots, with some exceptions. For example, if you want to make your knee-high black boots appear as if they're OTK, you can pair them with some black OTK socks, and it still creates the same look. I've done this and it does work!


❌ Wear anything beneath your OTK socks or boots that will bubble or bulge, like looser-fitting jeans. It just won't look right, so let's keep everything on the lower half nice and tight. ;)

Are YOU loving the over-the-knee trend?? Yes? No? Tell me below!!

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