#FashionFuel LOVE OR HATE? Mules & Loafers

What do YOU think about the loafers and mules trend? I'm slowly getting onboard with it. It took me some time, and I'll still be pretty choosy with any mules I buy because that clip clopping and slapping against the ground gets annoying and it can be hell on the heels of your feet. But I've been picturing loafers with a lot of the outfits I've been creating lately, especially with blazers, the preppy trend, and the 70s retro trend!! At first, I thought they were a little too masculine, but my opinion is shifting. I'm not exactly down with every mule and loafer out there, but some are definitely exceptions in my book!!

What's your take on this trend?? LOVE or HATE???

Tell me below!!

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