#FashionFuel HOW TO: Embrace the BLAZER

I've heard it before... "I can't pull off a blazer," "I don't have the right shape," "It's not really my style," or "I feel like that's something my mom would wear." Erase all of that from your mind (and p.s. there's nothing wrong with you and your mom going blazer twinning ;) )!! If you want to get a handle on this look, you ABSOLUTELY can! And if you don't want to simply because it doesn't strike your fancy, not a problem. But here are some pointers to remember when blazin' it up out there. <3

GET THE RIGHT FIT: Not too tight in the arms and shoulders, but not full-on menswear. There's a time and a place for those super loose-fitting suit pieces and it's not with blazers. Get something slightly tailored but still relaxed. The idea is to not completely lose your shape here. For example, if you have broader shoulders (like me) and you think a blazer might enhance them too much, don't worry! Getting a size larger will help them appear smaller! Might sound weird, but it's textbook. Just don't get it so big that it completely dwarfs you.

ROLL UP THE SLEEVES: I know this seems like a silly point to make, but it's actually critical to pulling off the right blazer outfit (most automatically come like this, anyway, and have pinstriped inner lining). Keeping the sleeves down looks too formal, too "suit-like," unless the sleeves are slightly cropped--that is the exception. You want that confidently chill vibe that makes it easier to casual down the entire look. Yet another 80s look that has gained even more traction over the past several years.

LAYER BELOW (if appropriate): A great trick to wearing blazers in colder weather is to stick a cardigan or some kind of long-sleeved top underneath the blazer to keep you warm. This also has the benefit of adding more texture and layers to the outfit. This, however, is not universal and does NOT always work with all blazers! It varies with every blazer outfit, so be aware!

MIX IT UP: Casual and dressy, it goes both ways! Don't be afraid to do the skinny jeans with knee-high boots or boyfriend jeans with ankle boots. Pair it with a dressy lightweight top beneath or a fine-knit sweater and a scarf! There are so many options out there! And so many colors, too. They make pretty much any color you could want in a blazer. Personally, I'm after a ruby one myself. 😁

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