#FashionFuel HOW TO: Get more use out of BUSINESS CASUAL

Unfortunately, part of being an adult is having to actually look professional for those job interviews and everyday work life if you work in a more professional setting. :( But this doesn’t have to be unfortunate! :) If you’re out there buying up a business casual wardrobe, be smart about it! If you already have a collection of BC clothing accumulated in your closet, it doesn’t have to just sit there and only be worn for work! With the progression of current trends, these semi-formal clothes are easier to incorporate into your everyday attire than ever before!

BLOUSES/TOPS: Mix some of those light, dressier blouses and camis with your chunky fall sweaters and cardigans! This offers a great mixture of textures and gives you the option of dressing up other casual items if needed!

SKIRTS: Pencil skirts are a stylish option for a night out, especially if you’re wanting to show off those new heels or maybe all your hard work at the gym. 😉 But these are also getting easier and easier to dress down if you want more use out of them! Pair a pencil skirt with flats or even sneakers and a fun sweater on top! This can look a little funky with the wrong kind of skirt, so explore online a little and get some ideas!

BLAZERS/JACKETS: As with pencil skirts, blazers and suit jackets can be dressed up or down these days (blazers a little more than actual suit pieces). I love me some blazers, so you’ll see plenty of outfit ideas from me where I incorporate these into both dressy and casual looks.

SLACKS: Yes, I know, it’s crazy that dress slacks are actually a popular trend right now for everyday wear!! I’m dedicating a whole post to this next week, so I’ll talk more about it then, but don’t discount these items either!!

Play around with looks and hop over to Pinterest for ideas because I guarantee you can get more use out of business casual pieces than you used to think you could!! I, myself, am notorious for getting years’ worth out of clothing because I rotate items like crazy and challenge myself to never wear the exact same outfit twice. It might sound a little nuts and time-consuming, but it can be a fun way to come up with new looks and get your money’s worth from every piece of clothing you own. I challenge YOU to do the same with these business casual clothes you’ve written off as strictly for work. You never know what you might come up with!!! :D

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