#FashionFuel MUSTARD: Your go-to fall staple

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As a reminder, this new feed is going to be a lot of my own ideas, advice, and opinions on current fashion trends, the dos, don'ts, and how-tos of popular looks, as well as other sources of inspiration for your next outfit!! Let's dive right in....*rubs hands together*

Who doesn’t love this color these days?? Almost anything can go with mustard during fall, especially all of your browns, tans, cognacs, and creams. But don't limit yourself to these colors! Step outside of the box a little and experiment with colors you haven't tried before, such as navy, black, or ruby! Prints like stripes, leopard print, and geometric shapes work too (see my mustard outfit choices)… Basically almost anything can work with mustard...except lingerie. Mustard lingerie? Ew. This color is a must-have every fall season. Go stock up if you haven’t dedicated a specific part of your closet to it!!


✔️ Wear it as a stand-out piece

✔️ Mix it with neutrals and earth tones (but play around with other colors, too!)

✔️ Wear with gold jewelry/accessories


❌ Get monochromatic with it. Too matchy takes away from the color!

❌ Mix with a lot of other jewel tones. Ruby and turquoise can work with this color, but don’t go overboard with them! Same as above, you will take away from the mustard if there are too many prominent colors to look at.

❌ Wash yourself out. Be aware of this if you have lighter skin and lighter hair and are wearing mustard on top.

❌ Wear with silver jewelry/accessories! IMP (in my opinion), rose gold jewelry doesn't typically work with this color either.

Do YOU have a favorite fall staple?? A color? A particular sweater that goes with everything? An accessory piece?? Tell me about it below!!!!!

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