#FashionFuel BOYFRIEND JEANS are here to stay

This relaxed fit of jeans is genius, IMP, and should never everrrrrr go out of style!!! I don’t know about any of you out there, but I turn into a big ‘ol cranky pants if my jeans are feeling tighter than usual or if the cut just isn’t working for me one day 😤. Boyfriend jeans are perfect whenever you’re wanting a looser fit but one that can still be stylish without looking frumpy. And the way trends are currently moving, boyfriend jeans are becoming easier and easier to dress up, making them more versatile. You don’t always have to just wear sneakers or casual shoes with them! Try heeled or wedged ankle boots or heels with them and create looks you’ve never played around with before!! 👠


✔️ Tuck in or wear form-fitted tops. Boyfriend jeans are already relaxed, so your top needs to contrast, yet complement this look. If you choose a loose top, TUCK IT IN to your waistband!! I can’t stress this enough. If you go baggy on top and bottom, you lose the entire effect of the jeans.

✔️ Be aware of your size. Boyfriend jeans typically run big because of the cut, but sometimes buying a size smaller won’t work because they won’t have the relaxed look that they’re supposed to. Make sure you always try on first! If you’re just in between sizes in the waist, a great solution is to wear a belt! Belts almost always work with these jeans and can add an entire new dimension to your outfit.


❌ Be a bag lady (you’re going to see this in a lot of my posts)!!!! This is really the main rule with boyfriend jeans because there’s not a whole lot of other ways you can get this look wrong—another reason to love them. 😉

What kind of outfits have YOU created with boyfriend jeans lately??? Tell me below!!!

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