#FashionFuel 2019 PARIS FASHION WEEK at a glance

My Favorite Fall Looks!!

It's Fashion Week month!!!! New York's was at the beginning of Sept, right before I started #FashionFuel, so I missed that one. Milan's was last week, London's before that, so I decided to just wait until this week's Paris FW to do a quick rundown of the hottest trends of the season!!

This fall’s top runway looks and street styles from Paris:

SUITING: It was ALL over the place!! Designers everywhere are featuring this “neo-tailoring” look where sharp shoulders are prominent, but the waistline is more relaxed and loose. These Savile Row style pantsuits are all the rage, but designers are also saying that we should expect to see some short suits and skirt suit combos emerging soon!! My rating of this look: 😁

70S RETRO CHIC: Pleated skirts, tweed wide-ankle pants, funky prints, skintight turtleneck sweaters…Harper’s Bazaar is calling it the “Bougie Girl.” Whatever you call it, stores like H&M and Topshop are falling all over this look, and I’m a HUGE fan!! Between this and the suiting trend, we all need to find our inner Annie Halls!! My rating of this look: 😍

ENGLISH TWEED: Yes, there’s a bit of a pattern here. IMP, you can incorporate these 3 trends in one chic look and have the trendiest street style of the season! English tweed was über-popular in the 70s and can be worn in suiting pieces, outerwear, skirts, pants, hats….pretty much everything. My rating of this look: 😍

MILITARY/UTILITY: These looks are technically not the same thing, but I’m lumping them together for space purposes. Utility jumpsuits are one of the hottest looks of the season right now. Urban Outfitters have this covered, FYI, if you’re wanting to do some shopping this weekend. Now, military….I’m not necessarily meaning camo, although that seems to still be “in” for the time being. Double-breasted jackets/coats, belted utility jumpsuits, and military green are flooding the runways and streets right now. Will YOU be getting your Full Metal Jacket on?? My rating of military: 😁 My rating of utility: 😕

LACE/DARK FLORAL PRINTS: Again, these are separate looks, but I’m trying to save space here! I’ll love lace until the day I die. It’s such a pretty, feminine material. But it’s getting a bit of a face-lift from designers with edgier silhouettes, particularly in mini and maxi dresses. Umm… love? Now, dark floral prints, on the other hand, I’m not digging. Every now and then I’ll see a piece that I could wear but ultimately, I think it’s more tacky than romantic and reminds me of bad wallpaper from the 80s. My rating of lace: 😍 My rating of dark floral: 🤢

METALLICS: Metallic pieces have been going strong all year, and they’re still rolling right along. Gold, copper, bronze, and silver are particularly popular right now. With my style, I don’t typically do much flash and glam, so if and when I go the metallic route it will be pretty minimal. But for the most part, I actually like this look and think a ton of women can pull it off. Just remember to contrast it with other textures so you don’t go overboard! My rating of this look: 😁

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